Working with Seniors

Our Favorite People!

We love working with Seniors who are downsizing or making a move into an Adult Living Community. We have a full Team whom we know and trust to assist in any and every aspect of your move from preparations, to fix ups, to packing, to painting, to selling your home for the most!  Our number one priority is to help you minimize the time, effort and stress of transitioning to your new life, so you can begin enjoying it...caring and placing your needs above our own!

When you’re ready to move, The Tucson Homes Team is ready to make it happen for you. Providing you with:
  • Full service real estate services
  • Sorting, organizing, and distributing household goods and family memories
  • Packing and moving services
  • Estate sales
  • Home repairs
  • Lawn care
  • Thorough cleaning services
  • Utilities transfer reminders
  • Professional decorating
  • New home set-up
  • Removal of boxes and packing material
  • Communication with family and friends during the moving process
  • Family mediation and coordination

For more information or to schedule a no-obligation personal consultation, call the Tucson Homes Team at (520) 292-2309